The creation and deployment of IP (internet protocol) video has been nothing less than a revolutionary event in the security and surveillance sector, and wireless broadband radios are the backbone of these powerful networks. Solectek’s point to point and multipoint platforms have served as one of the key technologies that enable such digital security solutions. Our radios have been used for security monitoring by a wide spectrum of customers — from the City of New Orleans’ Police Department to the U.S. Border Patrol to countless businesses around the world.

The ability to capture images, wirelessly transmit them dozens of miles, then view and efficiently store the images exactly as they were captured has led to major improvements and cost reductions in the surveillance industry. Gone are the blurry static-filled images of black and white cameras slowly recorded to expensive magnetic video tapes which deteriorate over time and cannot be retransmitted or indefinitely archived.

But with this move toward IP surveillance technology there is a requirement for robust and reliable fixed broadband wireless infrastructure to support the bandwidth requirements of multiple cameras operating seamlessly within the network. That’s where Solectek comes in.

Benefits of using Solectek fixed broadband wireless:

  • Ability to handle large bandwidth requirements Transmitting IP video from numerous cameras is one of the most demanding applications for any wireless platform. Solectek’s SkyWay products are perfect for multi-camera installations where robust throughout is absolutely essential to keep the entire network up and running seamlessly.
  • Low initial and recurring cost There’s simply not an easier, more cost effective method for installing a surveillance network. When compared to the cost of labor and hardware for ‘wired’ solutions, the ROI for wireless security is clearly superior. Solectek’s products are engineered for maximum reliability and high value. Our network engine, digital baseband, radio and antenna are combined into a single, weatherized outdoor chassis, complete with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. Nothing could be simpler and easier.
  • Highly secure surveillance network Solectek uses 128 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for maximum security. AES is a NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) standard cryptographic cipher. Unlike some competitors using software-based encryption, Solectek’s AES implementation operates at full line speed; a portion of a processor is 100% dedicated to encryption. The result is highly secure communications that won’t slow down your surveillance network.
  • Non line-of-sight capability The most vulnerable areas requiring surveillance tend to be in physical locations where wireless communications may be hindered by buildings or other obstacles. Solectek can provide you with radios capable of transmitting in these challenging conditions.
  • Ability to set up surveillance quickly Unfortunately, companies and government organizations often deploy or enhance their surveillance network only after a major security breach has occurred. In these situations, fixed broadband wireless solutions from Solectek can be quickly and easily installed to monitor and protect facilities and people much faster than wired solutions. There’s no need to trench for cables — and cameras, radios and other equipment can be mounted in flexible locations that are less prone to sabotage or inadvertent damage.