Solectek radio supporting multiple cameras

Actual Solectek-transmitted image from an installation in Washington State, USA

Solectek welcomes inquiries from military contract manufacturers interested in fixed wireless solutions and integration with their offering.

(including Homeland Security, Public Safety and & Education)

Federal, State and local governments around the world are deploying fixed broadband wireless systems for applications ranging from building connectivity for employees and students to homeland security personnel to city-wide metropolitan area networks for public internet access. Solectek’s SkyWay Series — which includes point to point and point to multipoint radios — is in use around the world providing secure high speed data communication reliably and cost effectively. In addition, our broadband radios provide the perfect backhaul solution for mesh applications. When our high capacity backhaul and multi-point access solutions are combined with the routing intelligence of wireless mesh architectures, public safety personnel can maintain quick access to secure central databases, fingerprint records, photos and live video.

Government applications

Public Safety & First Responders First responders such as municipal police, fire and EMS departments rely on Solectek wireless technology on a daily basis, and especially when natural disasters occur that damage wired communication infrastructure. For example, our radios helped fill an important role when hurricane Katrina struck. And in campus settings such as schools and universities, Solectek radios can efficiently transmit video to a central monitoring station for safety and security.

Secure Wireless Data Access Securely connecting government buildings is easily accomplished with Solectek wireless broadband technology. Solectek uses 128 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for maximum security. AES is a NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) standard cryptographic cipher. Unlike some competitors using software-based encryption, Solectek’s AES implementation operates at full line speed; a portion of a processor is 100% dedicated to encryption. For sensitive government information, both the integrity of the encryption technology and speed of transmission are critical.

Transportation Monitoring Traffic congestion, particularly during commute periods, is obviously a major problem in most cities. By providing real-time information on road conditions, commuters can determine the best routes to use and emergency personnel can assess accident situations before arriving at the scene. Solectek’s wireless broadband technology is currently providing such capabilities. For example, the Washington State Department of Transportation uses Solectek radios in both the 4.9GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands. In addition to road conditions, wireless radios can be used to monitor railway stations, airports and shipping ports for typical daily security needs and for terrorism concerns. Unlike analog video, digital video can be efficiently transmitted, stored, searched and archived.

Schools and multi-building campus settings Schools have two primary applications that can benefit from Solectek fixed broadband solutions. First, students and faculty require high-speed internet access for research and secure communications. Solectek radios can provide the backbone communications infrastructure that supports both campus Wi-Fi hotspots and the school’s private network. Secondly, campus security is a monumental challenge for school administrators, as monitoring hundreds or even tens of thousands of people with open access to a campus presents a formidable challenge. The need to monitor large multi-building campuses can require hundreds of security cameras and a robust transmission network such as Solectek’s SkyWay platform.

Border Patrol & Customs Solectek’s fixed broadband radios are successfully used every day for border applications such as communications and video surveillance. For example, the U.S. Border Patrol uses Solectek 4.9GHz gear to monitor the U.S.-Mexico border. And, on the other side of the border, Mexico customs authorities also depend on Solectek gear for site-to-site communications. When performance, reliability and ease of installation matter, Solectek can provide the end-to-end wireless solution Homeland Security experts require.

Military (C4ISR integration & broadband wireless) Fixed broadband wireless technology is ideal for both evolving theater/battlefield environments and for permanent base installations. Solectek’s secure wireless technology can serve as one of the integral component for C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance). In a threatening theater of operation, such as Iraq, deployment of a wireless network needs to happen in hours, not days or weeks. Solectek radios are built for fast installation and trouble free operation even in the harshest cold and extreme hot conditions. Whether the application entails perimeter monitoring of a base or broadband access for personnel, Solectek’s proven point to point and multipoint radios provide unparalleled reliability, value and performance. Solectek’s DoD clients and partner companies can provide both permanently installed broadband communications solutions and temporary/emergency platforms for tactical and intelligence applications. For base applications, where buildings are often sprawled over a large geographic area, fixed broadband radios offer a cost effective, simple and secure solution when compared to the cost of wired alternatives.