SkyWay-Sync Controller

GPS Synchronization for Base Station or PTP Kits

Feature Summary

  • Provides Up/Downlink synchronization based on GPS signals
  • Support for PTP backhaul links in addition to PMP base stations
  • Pole or wall mount options at an outdoor location
  • Support for 5 devices per controller
  • Cascade option for adding additional devices
  • Capable of regional coordination among multi-sites
  • Back-up internal clock in case of GPS failure
  • Variable Uplink / Downlink ratios per site (3:7, 5:5, and 7:3)
  • Based on PPM™ — Polling MAC Protocol for Multipoint
  • SNMP alarm traps and monitoring of GPS signal status

Product Description

For dense deployments by carrier and enterprise applications, it is critical to deploy a platform that can easily scale to larger density scenarios, which often requires adding more base stations at the same tower/rooftop location. Solectek's SkyWay-Sync Controller is a solution that solves the base station synchronization problem by precisely controlling the traffic patterns among all colocation radio units. In addition, the unit can be used to synchronized PTP backhaul units that serve the base stations or a large number of PTP kits at a hub site for heavy bandwidth applications.

The synchronization method is based on controlling uplink and downlink time slots. Because all radio units then transmit and receive in such coordination, no interference will occur and dense co-location of radio units becomes possible. The ratio between the time slots is adjustable to make either downlink or uplink heavy, depending on your application.

The time slot control is made possible by using Solectek's proprietary MAC protocol, PPM™ (Polling MAC Protocol for Multipoint). The PPM protocol is based on a deterministic polling algorithm used in Solectek's 802.11d WiMAX product line. PPM enhances system capacity and efficiency, particularly in heavily utilized networks, thereby providing more scalability as more subscribers added to the network.

Each SkyWay-Sync unit can support up to five units, which will address most of the co-location deployment cases. If more devices need to be deployed, an additional SkyWay-Sync unit can be cascaded without changing the original configuration. PTP backhaul radios located at the same tower also can be synchronized for added benefit.

The SkyWay-Sync controller can be mounted outdoors, anywhere on the tower for easy access. The signal is provided to target devices via standard outdoor CAT5 cables.

Technical Summary

  • Powered by 48V POE power supply
  • RJ-45 connection to managed devices
  • Outdoor GPS antenna included
  • Size: 12,2 x 12.2 x 8 inches, 310 x 310 x 82 mm
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Temperature: -40C to 60C
  • Pole mount or wall mount
  • Power consumption: 15W Max


Synchronization for:

  • Multiple sector base stations
  • PTP backhaul unit to accompany those base stations
  • Multiple PTP backhaul kits for heavy bandwidth applications such as highdefinition video surveillance