Essence Series: 4.9/5.8 GHz, 600/700 Mbps PTP Links

The SkyWay-Essence-600 and 700 PTP kit, Solectek’s fifth-generation OFDM product line in the 5GHz frequency band, answers the need for ever increasing data capacity demands for today’s large bandwidth multimedia applications.

With the user throughput of 600 Mbps, the Essence 600 PTP kits can serve a wide variety of bandwidth hungry applications, from transporting video traffic from a network of network video cameras to supporting enterprise connectivity.

The Essence 700 PTP kits is an upgraded version of ES600 to carry more throughput and comes with a host of additional features.

Technology Summary

The improved RF link performance stems from high power radio with industry-leading Tx power up 26 dBm. more flexible deployments as well. while the advanced MIMO-based OFDM technology enhances near line-of-sight connections.

Adaptive transmit power control (ATPC) will automatically adjust Tx power to the optimum setting so that the receiver will maintain a constant single level. This protect the remote radio receiver and to facilitate multiple-radio co-location. For long-term reliable operation, the enclosure is designed to effectively channel out excess heat and prevent the high-power radio from running hot, even in very high-duty cycle applications.

A virtual management channel provides for display of remote unit statistics for effective monitoring and diagnostics of the whole link from one side.

The ES700 PTP kit builds upon ES600 feature set and incorporates additional advantages:
* Improved throughput to 700 Mbps L2 data throughput
* 2-port built-in switch
* POE pass-through to 2nd Ethernet port to power a camera w/o cabling
* GUI management access via WiFi - no need for Ethernet cable
* GPS location of the radio unit - display on map on GUI or EMS
* Future software upgrade
- GPS synchronization for minimizing RF interface in colocation
- Distance optimizer to minimize throughput loss over long links