SkyWay-EB Plus

2.5 Gbps Full-Duplex 70/80GHz PTP Link

Ultra-Low 20ns Latency with Improved Tx Output


  • Enterprise LAN Extension between sites
  • Carrier LTE Fronthaul — seamless transfer of CPRI / OBSAI traffic
  • Low latency links for financial transaction and electronic trading

Product Summary

Solectek’s break-through improvement of SkyWay-EB Series wireless systems provide the ultimate Gigabit backbone capacity for most bandwidth hungry applications for carriers and enterprises. The products operate in 70/80 GHz licensed bands and have different antenna options for various link distance requirements.

EB Plus links now can carry 2.5 Gbps of Full-Duplex traffic each direction for a total of 5 Gbps, for ultra high-capacity backbone applications.

The huge data carrying capacity of EB Plus links allows transparent CPRI traffic transport up to 2.4576 Gbps as well as OBSAI traffic up to 1.536 Gbps. This allows carriers to carry large capacity LTE traffic within the framework of CPRI / OBSAI protocol environment.

As a true Layer 1 link, the link operates like a fiber optic link with lowest latency possible. At ~50 nanoseconds, the latency through the link is negligibly small compared even with fiber optic cable and is perfected suited for applications that demand instant transfer of packets such as financial transactions.


  • Full-Duplex Gigabit Ethernet—2.5 Gbps
  • Aggregate link capacity of 5 Gbps.
  • Highly secure, "pencil-beam" antennas—less than 1 degree
  • Interference free operation
  • High density deployment without co-location problem
  • Extremely low latency—50 nanosecond
  • All-in-one outdoor, compact design—no IDU required
  • Extreme reliability—up to 99.999%
  • IP66 Outdoor Rate Enclosure
  • Easy antenna alignment using voltmeter RSSI test points


Product Photos

Data Throughput

  • 1+0 Single Radio Link
    2.5 Gbps, Full Duplex
    5 Gbps, Aggregate
  • 2+0 Dual Radio Link w/ OMT coupler
    5 Gbps, Full Duplex
    10 Gbps, Aggregate